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Mysticborn Productions

Sep 18, 2019

Arceados Academy Episode 2: An Unexpected Hero

Arceados Academy is an anime style, slice of life audio show that follows the perspective of Noah Cruz, a brand new teacher at Arceados Academy, a magical high school where supernatural creatures attend.

All music and Sound effects have been obtained through a subscription through Audioblocks/

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Vocals for intro song performed by Mallory Echelmeyer

Artwork by Jesus Da Silvia (JdSarte) 

Andre Vernot as Noah
Jazzy Jones as Demi, Non-Binary Student
Gary Scales as Samuel
Emily Waters as Headmistress Darboux, female student
Anna DiCello as Kazuna, #Blue
Mason Kale as Gregor
Walter Thornburgh as male student
Morgan Sznufarowski as Seto
Bianca Singer as Kachina
Mallory Echelmeyer as 4th year Student Body President