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Mysticborn Productions

Sep 7, 2022

Episode 15: Reunion   


Five years have passed since the defeat of the villainous Merica, and both the Nymphians and the Sparkle Guardians have moved on with their lives, their careers, and their dreams. However, trouble returns to Duinville, in the form of new adversaries. These new foes will destroy everything they love if they cannot find a way to overcome, and unleash the greatness within them. 


Linnet - Kelsey Maher  

Elvinia -  Gina Moravec 

Karina - Brooke Johnson 

Olilee - Ginger Sue 

Mogeta - Piper Willet 

Kolumbia  - Isabella Tugman  

Armie #1 - Anthony McCloud  

Armie #2 - Mads Lindegaard

Armie #3 - Griff Bartel 

Phenie #1 - Mads Lindegaard

Phenie #2 - Griff Bartel 

Phenie #3 - Anthony McCloud 


 Music and Sound Effects obtained through a subscription through We are allowed to use these stock music and sound effects commercially. 


All of the characters in Ughgh… Magical Boys Season 2 are fictional and original, and any likeness or similarity to anyone living, dead, or fictional is purely coincidence. 


Written and produced by Michael Ignacio Jr.


Artwork done by JdSarte


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Episode 15 music 

Finding Yourself by Simon Jomphe Lepine

The Change we Wish to See by Simon Jomphe Lepine 

Opposite Riverside by Raighes Factory

Last Hero by Cloud System

Ultimate Power by Loops Lab

Storm the castle by Jon Presstone (epic and intense)

Plucky Guitar and Positive Piano By Suite Tracks Music

The Haunted Alley by Neil Cross

Aphotic Undercurrent by Humans Win