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Mysticborn Productions

Aug 5, 2020

Episode 12


Wrath of the Forgotten is an Asian-inspired Fantasy audio show about friendship, duty, and sacrifice. Follow the Exploits of Diasko Nori, an Imperial Bodyguard who is sent to protect a reckless, but passionate princess named Twisha Flara, and her two best friends Pite Apisa, and Ranadashi Rayko as they embark on dangerous, but exciting adventures. Meanwhile, a mysterious figure named Tov is trying to free ancient and long-forgotten gods and goddesses. If Tov succeeds, then the land will be plunged into war and chaos. 


Written by, Narrated by, and Produced by Michael Ignacio Jr. 


Artwork by JdSarte


Music and Sound effects obtained from a subscription to /


Rated T for Teen for description of violent fight scenes and fantastical mayhem. 


Episode 12: A Dance with Pirates



Tov - Andre Vernot

Urae - Cailtin Rosentraub

Alfana Vihori - Walter Thornburgh

Alfana Amori - Peyton Mogley


Music by:

Forgotten Ones - By Will Van De Crommert 

A Place Beyond Belief by Sander Kalmeijer

Stay With Me by Lance Conrad

Sad Piano, Cello, and Violin by Valentina Gribanova

Simply Invincible by William Pearson

With Glowing Hearts by Ben Worth, Ian Griffith, Stuart Low, and Gary McDermott

On the Road by Adrian Berenguer

Make it Epic by Neil Cross