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Mysticborn Productions

Mar 31, 2021

Episode 9


The Cabal of Tsakata


Written by, Produced by, and Narrated by Michael Ignacio Jr. 


Artwork by JdSarte


The Cabal of Tsakata is a fantasy audio mini series about one person’s experiences as a junior archeologist. He will seek out the mysteries and the forgotten temples of a strange goddess named Tsakata. What will Fransisco Diaz find in the exotic land of Naquer? 


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All Music obtained through a Subscription from


Music List

Magic Hour by Neil Cross

Ladder to the Sun by Simon Jomphe Lepine 

Come to me baby by Himanshu Katara

Caravan 2 by Bruce Zimmerman

Across the Desert by William Pearson and Dustin Pearson

Pravda Batabla By Paul Mitchell Beebe

The Art of Loneliness by Adrian Berenguer

The Pilgrimage alt mix by Neil Golden

A Grain of Sand by Michelle Nobler 

Precious Water alt mix by Neil Golden and Douglass Galbraith