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Mysticborn Productions

Feb 24, 2021

Episode 4


The Cabal of Tsakata


Written by, Produced by, and Narrated by Michael Ignacio Jr. 


Artwork by JdSarte


The Cabal of Tsakata is a fantasy audio mini series about one person’s experiences as a junior archeologist. He will seek out the mysteries and the forgotten temples of a strange goddess named Tsakata. What will Fransisco Diaz find in the exotic land of Naquer? 


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All Music obtained through a Subscription from


Music List

Magic Hour by Neil Cross

Ladder to the Sun by Simon Jomphe Lepine 

Caravan 2 by Bruce Zimmerman

Aracbic Melody by Kamil Guszcynski 

Secrets by Lance Conrad

The Pilgrimage alt mix by Neil Golden

Earth Tones by Bruce Zimmerman

A Grain of Sand by Michelle Nobler

Mirage Song by Sleeping Ghost