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Mysticborn Productions

Oct 21, 2020

Written, Narrated, and Produced by Michael Ignacio Jr.

Artwork by JdSarte

Music obtained through a subscription to Storyblocks/Audioblocks.

Rated T for Teen Please like, subscribe, and Share.

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Music List is Below:

A Yearning Heart by Martin Pidsley

Sad Goodbye by Mark Kueffuer

Three Scenes by Emanuele Dentoni

A Sad Orchestral String Story by Bobby Cole

Choosing not to Return by Michele Nobler

Drowse By Emanuele Dentoni

Sad Piano, Cello, and Violin by Valentina Gribanova

Choice by Daniel Bardovsky

Sad Goodbyes by Mark Kuerffer

Sunrise Without You by Jaspm Donnley

We Are Nowhere by Sander Kalmeijer