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Mysticborn Productions

Mar 30, 2022

The First Mission


Mystic Tales: Season 1 is a 20 episode audio anthology, with amazing original content written by Michael Ignacio Jr. This audio anthology has an amazing cast, great music, and sfx. Many of the ‘shorts’ are connected to other Mysticborn Productions intellectual properties, while others are original and standalone. 


Music and Sound Effects obtained through a subscription through We are allowed to use these stock music and sound effects commercially. 


All of the characters in Mystic Tales: Season 1 are fictional and original, and any likeness or similarity to anyone living, dead, or fictional is purely coincidence. 


Written and produced by Michael Ignacio Jr.


Artwork done by JdSarte


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Kazama Ronoki - Michael Ignacio Jr. 

Zenji Ko - Addigale Stewart

Lieutenant Niwa Ajoi - Aryn Rozelle 

Sauskena Sio - Anthony Morales

Trasenta Momo - Loganne Digma

Narrator - Abby Espiritu



Fairy Tale Female Vocal by Psystein

Japanese Hotchiku Flute by Pystein

Ninja Patrol V2 by Pete Jinks

Uruk by Marcus Bressler

House of Dragons by James Gaither

Team Work and Success by Humans Win

Season of the Wizard by Scott Lee Cupp