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Mysticborn Productions

Jul 21, 2021

Episode 12: Shackled to the Past


Lilies and Lilacs is a fantasy slice of life audio show about a young woman named Tessica Oliver. She owns a tavern and inn called ‘Lilies and Lilacs’, and she caters to locals and adventurers. Lilies and Lilacs is about the everyday people who live in places adventurers pass through, and it’s also about entrepreneurship. There are 19 episodes in all. Rated T for Teen.


Music and Sound Effects obtained through a subscription through We are allowed to use these stock music and sound effects commercially. 


All of the characters in Lilies and Lilacs are fictional and original, and any likeness or similarity to anyone living, dead, or fictional is purely coincidence. 


Written, narrated, and produced by Michael Ignacio Jr.

Artwork done by JdSarte



Gina Moravec as Tessica 

Kelsey Maher as Bok

Aryn Rozelle as Zetty

Morris Seng as Reth

Nicolle Zambrano as Salaren

Paul Hikari as Adventurer Orlandeen

T.J. Anthony as Decil

Bonnie Bogovich as Adventurer Frigit

Jenna Oliver as Dazil

Abby Espiritu as Lesser Cleric Jandy


Music list  


Five Years by Emanuele Dentoni

Energetic Inspiration by Sangho Lee

Playful and Fun by Mikael Manvelyan

Claudia by Enzo Orefice

Blue 03 by Argy Ottas

A Good Day to Smile by Bobby Cole

Beautiful Romantic Acoustic Guitar by Bobby Cole

Connections by Robert Diana

A Walk on the Beach by Emanuele Dentoni

The Crucible by Emanuele Dentoni